What We Do

What We Do

Ecoville ArchiTechs was formed in 1994 to offer architectural design services using ecological materials and methods, and to educate people about ecological practices. We are committed to accommodating the home owner in our work. Our goal is to give the client what they want. Many of the houses you see on these pages are the visions of the owner. We offer advice, suggestions and expertise, but ultimately decisions are the choice of those who will live with them. On these pages you will find examples of our work in the areas of straw bale construction, earthen methods of building and permaculture design. We offer a variety of services including architectural house plans, space planning, energy-efficient design, facilitation of straw wall-raising, instruction of cobb, clay/straw, earthen floors and living roofs. In our workshops and on-site buildshops we teach about materials, methods and philosophy of natural building and ecological living. Our holistic design philosophy places us within the living world. The way we choose to live not only affects our health but the health of the environment.

The Castanea Community house is our largest straw bale project to date

The Castanea house is our largest straw bale project to date with a living roof, a straw bale wrap on three sides, a 2 story sun space for an indoor vertical garden and living walls to aid summer cooling

Our first straw bale house in a metropolitan area.

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